Warehouse: A credit facility provided by a bank for the acquisition or investment in commercial real estate.


Maja Sljivic, Content Artist

Maja is a freelance designer, from Serbia, currently residing in Washington DC, where she is continuing her education in the field of design. She holds a Bachelors degree in Interior Design from Serbia, where following her studies she worked as an Architect in a well known architectural firm in Belgrade.

Maja also worked on the numerous graphic design projects such as designing illustrations for books, book layouts, designing catalogs, posters, brochures, business cards, space design illustrations and other graphic related design projects. She finds her self most comfortable in designing cartoon illustrations and looks to develop and perfect her skills in future projects.

Her various acquaintances and experiences from her frequent travels to many European countries can be seen in her work, and provide her with with an edge that one designer needs. For a young designer, her portfolio can be considered 'rich' in quality and content. Her portfolio can be viewed upon request.

Kurt Wilberding, Cover Artist

Doug’s brother is an acclaimed artist residing in Brooklyn, New York and a long time illustrator and photographer for the Wall Street Journal. Kurt has traveled with and photographed presidential candidates on the campaign trail as well as covered Fashion Week in New York and traveled to Pakistan in 2009 to take over 3,000 photographs. More information about Kurt can be found at www.kurtwilberding.com.

Kurt has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Notre Dame University and a Masters in Fine Arts degree from Ohio State University. Kurt is currently working on a grant project to photograph long time residents of the Carroll Gardens neighborhood in Brooklyn to illustrate the gentrification within the area.

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